Tips On Choosing A Reliable Hard Drive

With the storage capacities of today's regular hard drives, there is no wonder why a lot of people are now choosing to get external hard drives instead. Although picking out an external hard drive isn't exactly the hardest thing in the world, you will still need to consider [...]


Questions To Ask Before Hiring Your Cloud Service Provider

Cloud service providers are important people in the society today. With the rapid rise in technology, many companies are offering the service. Every one of them handles the security of your data differently. Since your data’s security is essential, you need to be very careful in hiring a cloud [...]


Data Recovery Techniques In Information Technology

Here are Top 4 Tips to minimize the chances of a disaster doing permanent damage to your business

1. Take a full inventory of the data you can't live without.

2. Write down all your software product keys, license numbers, passwords, configuration
notes, and encryption codes and keep them [...]


Why Data Backups are Important in Small Businesses

Regular data backups are significant in ensuring that the small businesses networks are secure and form a primary strategy to prevent a business disaster as result of system breakdown. Data loss may result in a poor business image.

Prevent data loss
Relevant information like customer financial reports, sales reports, [...]


Six Tips that will Help You to Keep Your Data Safe

In this digital era, communication and sharing of data has become easy. People can share information millions of miles away within seconds. Despite this big advantage, there are so many cases of people invading into other people’s privacy. Every now and then you will hear cases of new data [...]


Importance of Data Backup and Recovery

Data backup and recovery is very important especially to the big companies. This is because the data back up and recovery helps in retrieving the data stored in computers even when they encounter mechanical problems and failures. This helps the companies since it makes them not to have financial [...]


Cloud backup Solutions for Your Mobile Workforce

Dealing with the issues of remote access and mobility is now the biggest challenge among businesses. Companies may issue their own mobile devices or employees may be required to bring their own devices (BYOD) to implement business backup and restore solutions.

The biggest concern in the successful implementation of [...]


Backup Solutions For Small Businesses

In the business world, it is the prepared company that weathers and survives changes in the field or market. The prepared company covers the bases from staffing, to management to staying up on relevant trends. These companies also have a sound emergency plan. 

One of the most damaging events [...]


Backup Strategy to Protect Your Small Business Data

Designing a backup plan for your small business data is paramount and for this to be successful there are some factors you must take into consideration, this will ensure that your business data is protected. Risks of any other personal data arise from various scenarios, the reason why you [...]


Benefits Of Cloud Services for Small Business Enterprises

Increased efficiency is one of the most important benefits of cloud computing for businesses. Because services are rapidly deployed and can be made available whenever and wherever users need them, more and more organizations are seeing the value of cloud computing, which goes well beyond increased operational efficiency. Below [...]